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How to sync ASUS component LEDs with games

How to sync ASUS component LEDs with games
Written by Sahil

How to sync ASUS component LEDs with games

How to sync ASUS component LEDs with games:- From time to time, lighting systems have been advancing and gaining functionalities, effects, and endless parameters that make them increasingly attractive.

It is a fashion that will not leave and that the user who does not like it, luckily, can turn it off with just one click, but for those who want full immersion, ASUS has devised a way to synchronize their LED systems with games, how can it be activated?

If there’s one immersive thing, it’s the fact that what’s being seen on the screen can be moved in color to RGB systems. Like Corsair, ASUS has several specific products for this and, also, a specific option that will sync everything with what you saw on the monitor.

ASUS Armoury Crate is the secret to syncing LEDs in ASUS

It has not been without controversy, and from here, we have criticized ASUS management regarding everything to do with the configuration of peripherals and LED systems. Previously and although it still exists and is used, Armoury II and AURA Sync had to be installed separately for each to fulfill a task.

Armory Crate was launched in a BETA phase to unify these two programs into one, a suite that had it all just a few clicks away. The first versions were a horror, but after a year of hard work, Crate became the Asus benchmark and now even offers some options that did not exist in previous software.

Therefore, the first thing you have to do to sync the LEDs in ASUS with the games is to download Armoury Crate from the ASUS website, and once on your PC, we will proceed to a typical installation of “next, next, next.”

It is important to emphasize that, if we have INSTALLed it separately AURA Sync, we will have to uninstall it and restart the PC before installing Armoury Crate.

Once installed, the program will search for new versions or update the previous modules, which may take a little, or a long, depending on the ASUS devices that we have.

Upgrading Computer Components

One of the fundamental and also most obvious sections, but that no one comments, is the fact that we keep all updated in terms of our components. Armory Crate has several ways to upgrade a peripheral or component, whether its HAL, firmware or XML.

We recommend that you install all the updates before within the corresponding section of the program, as this will avoid problems. Once this is done, we will go to the AURA Sync section to see all the components compatible with such LED technology. As we will see, there are two tabs at the top left, which are below the name of the particular section.

You have to go to Aura Effects, where you can select a variety of complete lighting modes. Below these modes and in the center almost of the screen, you will have a small switch that is the protagonist of this article.

This switch is responsible for facilitating and synchronizing our LEDs with the colors you see in the game, which you can disable if you leave it OFF. So far, we haven’t been able to tell from ASUS which games support this technology because although we’ve tried more than a dozen, none have responded to synchronization.

Hopefully, being a new feature can only include it today, it may soon be available in certain well-known titles. In any case, so we can synchronize the LEDs of ASUS products for games.

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