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Ozone Alpha Strike Review

Ozone Alpha Strike Review
Written by Sahil

A good keyboard Ozone Alpha Strike Review is an essential accessory if you want to work at ease from your computer or be competitive when it comes to playing over the Internet.

In addition to having quality switches that offer us a good response, a keyboard must be versatile and, at the same time, customizable. And although we can find today in the market a wide variety of brands and models, if we are looking for something of quality and cheap, a model that we should take a look at is the Ozone Alpha Strike Review.

Ozone Alpha Strike Review


The keyboard is a mechanical keyboard, TKL, and with customizable RGB lighting. TKL (tenkeyless) keyboards are characterized by being smaller than others by not having the numeric keypad part, being much more comfortable for small spaces, and if we have to take the keyboard with us anywhere.

Alpha Strike has a full anti-ghosting system that helps us to prevent a single keystroke from being lost also has 12 dedicated multimedia keys that will allow us to control the audio and video, as well as its gaming Keyboard mode (G-Mode) that will allow us to disable the Windows key to avoid unwanted interruptions while playing.

The keyboard dimensions are 359 mm x 158 x 41 mm, it features a 150 cm USB cable and a gold-plated pin for better connectivity. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS.

External analysis

This keyboard comes in a rigid cardboard box, like most keyboards, decorated with typical Ozone colors, i.e., red and black. You can see a photo of the keyboard in question at the top of this box, showing its RGB lighting. At the bottom, you will find another photo of the keyboard and the main features and qualities of the Ozone keyboard.

When you open the box, you will find yourself directly with the keyboard protected inside a bag to prevent dust from getting into or damaging from your factory exit to our house.

Next to the keyboard, you will find a small manual that will focus on explaining the settings of this keyboard. This manual can also be downloaded from the website if you need it.

The USB cable on this keyboard is braided, and the connector is gold plated. This will give us excellent connectivity, without interference, and prevent the keyboard cable from being damaged over time.

The cable is long enough (150 cm) to connect it on any PC, regardless of how we have it mounted.

Next to the arrows of the keyboard, you will find two indicators to be able to have in view the status of the Caps And the Scroll Lock, as well as, again, the Alpha Strike model of this new nerf Alpha Strike.

The bottom of the keyboard is other elements that attract us the most attention. While most keyboards are often ugly and sloppy underneath, this model has an original design and care.

We can find shiny black plastics, patterns in the form of stripes, and, of course, their legs and non-slip rubbers.

                                                        ozone strike pro We can easily extract the keys from this keyboard to see its pushbuttons. This Alpha Strike uses Outemu Red mechanical switches. These pushbuttons are characterized by being linear and have a fairly fast trigger point (about 60g). Also, each pushbutton has its own LED switch.

 The software

Ozone Alpha Strike Review However, even though we can use this keyboard smoothly without relying on specific software, its true potential appears by installing the software offered by the manufacturer.

Using this software, which we can download from here, we will control Windows all the options offered by this keyboard.

The first thing you can do is configure several profiles to save various settings from switching between them as you need them at any time. We will also be able to customize, or map, the different keys on the keyboard to perform other actions other than those that come by default.

From the Lighting section, you can have greater customization about the different lighting effects of this Ozone Alpha Strike Review. You can configure the colors, speed, brightness, and direction of the effect.


Ozone Alpha Strike Review did it again. Again, this manufacturer has proved that a good keyboard does not have to cost more than 100 euros.

This keyboard, which costs less than 60 euros, has nothing to envy other keyboards much more expensive from other manufacturers.

Its TKL format allows us to place it on the desktop while ensuring it will not take up much space. Its pushbuttons, very similar to the Cherry Red, will allow us both to write and play without problems, although it is true that they are rather designed for the latter. And, of course, we can’t forget the finishes of this keyboard.

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